Did you see that? That thing that just zoomed past your eyes. No? Well, in case you missed it, it’s time passing by as you think about whether it’s time plan a trip or not.

It’s time. Especially if you didn’t dare to travel during the onset of the pandemic. Here are six simple steps on how to plan a trip you deserve.

How to plan a trip

How to plan a vacation

1) Choose a timeframe

Select a month or a season that you prefer to travel. At this time, you don’t need an exact date, just a ballpark figure.

From now on you’re traveling on deals, so you need a little flexibility. Flight costs tend to vary significantly by date, so I normally start with how many vacation days I’d like to use. Remember that while you can travel during holidays to maximize your time, this may also be costly to your pockets.

2) Where to?

You need to be sure what type of vacation you want, as deals go by location. But with all things travel, leave a little room for flexibility.

Are you feeling like a warm adventure in the Caribbean? Or maybe you want to hit the slopes in Aspen? Decide, but also remember the time it takes to get there. You don’t want to spend your entire vacation in airports. Be flexible with everything, including the airports you fly in/out. This simple amendment can save you tons of money.

3) Find Your deal

Google is that friend that you can call for anything. Health symptoms, DIY tips, even flight deals. Google Flights is your best friend.

I always start with Google flights. First, to determine the best locations and days that offer the best deals. Once I find a deal that works for me, I hop on over to the Hopper app (get it?) to monitor prices and the best time to buy.

Get more of my flight deal tips here.

4) Sleep is important too

Don’t forget to consider what type of lodging you want. Some people say that it doesn’t matter where you sleep, I am not one of those people FYI.

Lodging can be a decent percentage of the budget, so think about what you want and need. Google Flights also shows hotel and vacation rental deals and average weather and seasonal trends.

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5) What type of tourist are you?

What type of activities will you enjoy the most? Some people just need a beach and a cold drink. While others need to feel their heart race.

Trip Advisor and We Work to Travel are great resources to get an idea of things to do and companies to use. Airbnb Experiences and Groupon are also great resources.

Need more help in finding the right activities for you, look no further than this post filled with tips.

6) Don’t forget to budget

Now that you’ve found your travel deals, flights, and lodging, it’s time to budget to estimate how much this well-needed vacation will cost. Don’t forget to include everything like activities, an estimated food/drink budget, and transportation costs.

Pack your bags

Gifts for moms who travel_Luggage

It’s time to go to that destination you’ve dreamed of for years. Why? Because if we’ve learned anything from the past two years, tomorrow isn’t promised to you. Do everything on your list, frolic through every destination. Let the sun of every country shine on your beautiful body as you relax. 

You deserve it. If you need more tips on how to plan a trip, be sure to checkout this post on The Best Trip Planning Resources.

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