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As my twin boys started approaching 5, they began to ask to go to Disney World, as well as to go on “a big boat”, aka a cruise. Well, despite my travels to almost 40 countries, I have never been to Disney, and I have only been on one cruise. And honestly, I was absolutely okay if that never changed.

So when my kids made their birthday request, I thought of going with Disney Cruise Line, as that would “kill two birds with one stone”. We opted for the Disney Wish as it is their newest ship, which set sail in July 2022, and is still in its inaugural sail. And one thing I do know about Disney, is they know how to make things nice.

And that’s exactly what I was looking for. Because if I’m spending my money and taking my PTO, there has to be something in it for me. And boy was there! So let’s get into my honest review of the enchanting Disney Wish Cruise Line.

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Disney Wish Cruise Review

As we embarked upon the Disney Wish cruise ship, all of my nervousness and fears disappeared. The ship was absolutely stunning- the grand hall is pristine and massive, giving views of decks 3, 4, and 5. We felt as if we were walking into a magical wonderland as the hosts announced our entry to the crowd.

Immediately after our name was called, the kids received a Disney Wish Wand and we were off to explore all of the amazing adventures of the boat as it was an “open house” of the various areas of the boat while the staterooms were still getting ready.

Let’s just say the open house did not disappoint. There were so many spaces, restaurants, and bars that even after 2 hours of exploring, we probably only saw half, maybe three-quarters, of the ship. From that moment on, I knew that I was in for a good time.

Disney Wish Kid-Only Activities

Since we were sailing on a Disney Cruise Line ship, I knew there would be plenty for kids to do. But I was actually surprised by how many, and how many of them were kids only- which my kids loved.

Disney’s Oceaneer Club (Deck 2 and 3)

Let me just say, Disney’s Oceaneer Club was probably the highlight of the cruise for both my boys and myself. I couldn’t leave a better review for Disney Wish Oceanner Club, if I wanted to!

My boys absolutely LOVED going to the Oceaneer Club, which is curated for potty-trained kids ages 3 to 12. The kids have the option to enter the Oceaneer Club via a curved, clear slide that immediately places them in front of a handwashing station. At the entrance of the slide are crew members checking kids in via their wristbands, while additional crew members are at the bottom of the slide ensuring everyone properly washes their hands.

The slide is located right off the Grand Hall on Deck 3, with the actual club being located on Deck 2.

During the open house, parents were allowed in. After that, it becomes kids only, and boy did my almost 5-year-old boys love the idea of having their independence. They would gleam with pride about how they were able to explore and play, without their parents in tow.

For safety reasons, each child’s wristband has an RFID chip inside that only works within the Oceanner Club. Thus, when we went to pick them up, we had to give them our secret code (despite them seeing our pictures on the screen), and they could see exactly which room each kid was in. This made for a quick and efficient pickup.

Now, let’s get into all of the spaces within Disney Wish Oceaneer Club.

Marvel Super Hero Academy

Upon walking into the Marvel Super Hero Academy inside of the Oceaneer Club, you immediately felt like you were transported into a scene similar to the lab in Black Panther. There the superhero recruits are able to train and prepare themselves for battle. They can design their own superhero suit and test out their skills in an animation-type video game that projects their image, and skills on a large LCD screen. The kids absolutely got a thrill out of this.

Oh, and your kiddos shouldn’t be surprised if Ant-Man, Black Panther, and other Marvel characters make an appearance to ensure they are trained properly.

Star Wars: Cargo Bay

The design and feel of Star Wars: Cargo Bay is definitely from another galaxy. Throughout the dim room, which is lit by a variety of buttons and interactive activities on the walls, are creatures and animals from across the galaxy, ready to be cared for by the animal handlers.

Needless to say, upon entry, my boys immediately started touching each and every button on the wall, while proceeding to “examine” the creatures to decipher what type of animal they may be. I’m sure my boys stayed in this room for a while as there was such a variation of creatures to study, both hidden and in plain sight. And they received help, from Chewbacca himself!

Mickey and Minnie Captain’s Deck

Have a little one like me that loves playgrounds and needs to be physically active to get the wiggles out? Mickey and Minnie Captain’s Deck is for them! The space is filled with a variety of small slides, obstacles to climb through, and other activities that can keep your kiddo busy for hours.

Plus, my kids mentioned a dance party with Mickey and Minnie.

Walt Disney Imagineering Lab

This is where the “Disney magic” happens. Little Disney Imagineers are able to try their hand at creating the Disney world-known magic with hands-on activities and experiments. And Mickey may just stop by to help in the creation.

Fairytale Hall

Amongst the hallways that connect the various rooms within the Oceaneers Club is Fairytale Hall. “The Hall” is made up of three areas, Repunzel’s Art Studio, A Frozen themed room, and Belle’s Library. Each room has a variety of tables and chairs for kids to sit and do interactive activities, as well as play and listen to stories from their favorite characters.

Our Review of the Disney Wish Oceaneer Club

We absolutely loved the Disney Wish Oceaneer Club! Besides how seriously they took kids’ safety, with the ability to message us on the app, secret pickup password, and the RFID bands, I loved how late they stayed open. The Disney Wish Oceaneer Club is open from 9 AM to Midnight!

This gave my husband and me the freedom of having time to ourselves without feeling guilty about not being with our kids. Because believe me, we would pick up our kids from the Oceaneer Club around 1140 PM nightly, and they would ask us why we came so early. They were literally having the time of their lives!

Other Kids Clubs besides Disney Oceaneer

Have kiddos outside of the 4-12 years old age group? Don’t worry, there’s plenty to keep kids of all ages entertained upon the Disney Wish.

It’s a Small World Nursery (Deck 2)

The nursery is perfect for little ones 6 months to 3 years old. There are plenty of toys and activities for little ones to do here. In fact, my boys started to play with some of the toys here during the open house.

If your little one starts to get tired, no worries as they have cribs. Plus Disney trained counselors are in the room to ensure everyone’s safety.

Edge (Deck 5)

Having a 12-year-old niece, I already know she would give the Oceaneer’s Club the side-eye because there’s no way she wants to hang out with her preschool-age cousins the entire cruise.

The Edge would have been her saving grace. Specifically curated for tweens 11-14, this space located on Deck 5, is designed as a New York City loft of sorts, with colorful, “Instagram-able” wall art. Tweens can come to hang with friends, enjoy time alone on their devices, as well as participate in the various activities offered by the club.

Vibe (Deck 12)

Similar to Edge, Vibe is a hangout destination for teenagers 14 to 17 which flaunts Instagram-worthy backdrops, including floor-to-ceiling windows with limitless views of the ocean, neon signs, and classic Parisian architecture with a retro twist. This is a great location for teens to watch movies, play their beloved video games, meet new friends, and participate in programming.

The Hideaway (Deck 12)

We can’t forget about The Hideaway. The Hideaway is for young adults 18-20 years old, technically old enough to go to the same adult-only activities with their parents, but way too cool to do so. Here cruisers can participate in karaoke, show off their dance moves as it’s outfitted with a dance floor and DJ booth, or just relax in this cute and fun location.

The Hideaway is also used as a flexible venue space. Being located next to Vibe, it can be opened as a teen club or even cut off for tween-only activities. On the daily itinerary, there was always something going on at The Hideaway, so much so that it made me interested in stopping by to join in on the fun.

Disney Wish Kid-Only Pools and Slides

Toy Story Splash Zone (Deck 12)

Splash pads are always a hit for younger kiddos. Now imagine a splash pad designed after their favorite Toy Story characters and is located on a cruise ship! It’s definitely as cool as it sounds.

Toy Story Splash Zone is outfitted with two slides including one decorated after Woody’s Round-Up and another after Pizza Planet. Plus various statues including Woody, Buzz, Bullseye, Jessie, and Zurg- many of which shoot out water. To ensure the little ones are thoroughly entertained, there are various interactive elements to keep their little hands and minds busy.

Guests must be under the age of 6 and accompanied by an adult (which they strictly enforce).

Slide-a-saurus Rex Waterslide (Deck 12)

Continuing with the Toy Story theme, Slide-a-saurus Rex Waterslide, adjacent to the Splash Zone, is a bright yellow, double-loop waterslide. This slide is for preschoolers and kindergarteners as it has a height requirement of 38 inches. I did notice parents with some smaller kids, so it’s technically not kid-only if your little one needs a little adult support to enjoy the slide.

The interesting thing about this slide is participants have to climb about 30 or more, enclosed stairs to get on the slide. There are cameras at the entrance of the slide which allows the operator, who is located downstairs, outside of the slide, to change the “green/red” sign to indicate when it’s safe to enter the slide (basically when the kid ahead of them is down the slide).

One of my twins loved the slide, while the other called it “slow”. But he did just get off of the AquaMouse slide, which is for everyone, and wraps around the circumference of the ship.

Our Review of Kids-Only Activities Onboard the Disney Wish

I thought there were a good amount of kids-only activities, especially for my boy’s age, 5. They were young enough to go to Toy Story Splash Zone and Slide-a-saurus Rex Waterslide but old enough to enjoy the Oceaneer’s Club, unsupervised.

For my boys, the Toy Story Splash Zone and Slide-a-saurus Rex Waterslide were fun but if I’m going to leave an honest review about the Disney Wish water activities, I must say my boys were entertained for less than 1 hour. Plus an adult had to accompany them in the Splash Zone.

But the Oceaneer’s Club. I think it won all of our hearts.

Not only did the Oceaneer’s Club have a variety of rooms with character appearances, but they also had special events with the characters. For example, my boys did a scavenger hunt with Captain Hook and a dance party with Mickey and Minnie.


The smiles on their faces every time they went to the kid’s club were absolutely priceless. Plus, it gave mommy and daddy the opportunity to enjoy some kid-free time, without guilt (because we knew our boys were having a blast!)

Family-Friendly Disney Wish Pools and Slides

Disney Wish Pools On Deck 11 and 12 Midship

Instead of having a few, larger-sized pools which may get fairly crowded, the Disney Wish has six pools in the family area on decks 11 and 12, all with varying depths and sizes. My kids personally loved Mickey’s Pool (deck 11) which is the largest pool and sits right in front of Funnel Vision, a large LCD screen that features different Disney movies and shows.

Swim and a movie anyone?

Likewise, deck 11 has 3 additional pools including Minnie’s pool, Daisy’s Pool, and Pluto’s Pool. All of these have views of the Funnel Vision so if Mickey’s Pool is too crowded, no worries, you have other options. Plus you can also make your way to Donald’s Pool or Goofy’s Pool, both on deck 12.

If my boys weren’t in Mickey’s Pool, you could find them in Donald’s or Goofy’s as they were the smaller pools.

Disney Wish AquaMouse Review

As previously mentioned, AquaMouse wraps around the upper deck of the ship, a breathtaking 760 feet long! One of the twins was extremely excited when he learned that he was indeed tall enough to pass the 42″ height requirement to ride with an adult (48″ to ride alone). The waterslide combines water elements like jets and water blasters with two animated shorts, accompanied by music.

And AquaMouse moves fast!

The other twin and I thought we had time to relax in one of the pools before my husband and his brother would be done. However, before we could get our big toes into the water, they were coming behind us saying how great the waterslide was.

Note to the wise, the line for AquaMouse can be long. My family went while everyone was at Castaway Cay; thus, waiting in line for only about 5 minutes. WIN!

Our Review of Family-Friendly Disney Wish Pools and Slides

I’m not a huge fan of crowds; thus, having pool options made me much more comfortable with exploring the pool area. Also being able to relax in a pool while watching some of your favorite Disney Movies was such a bonus for both kids and adults alike.

And for the parents like me, that may not actually get in the water, there is a spread of lounge chairs by each pool, so you can be close to your little one who is in the pool while you are sunbathing and sipping on your favorite cocktail. Do note that the majority, if not all of the pools are not covered so it can get very hot! I went to deck 13 which had some covered, comfy loungers to get a bit of a reprieve from the sun while my husband and sons splashed away.

Do note that we personally went to the pool area while the ship was docked in Castaway Cay, so the crowd was limited and we could freely explore each pool. I’d highly recommend doing the same if you don’t like crowds. The closer time gets to leaving the port, the more crowded the pool area gets.

Although the pool area was nicely laid out and offered variety, I’m grateful there were other kid and family-friendly entertainment as I don’t think the water activities alone would’ve entertained our family for the entire cruise.

Family-Friendly Disney Wish Entertainment

The family-friendly entertainment on the Disney Wish Cruise is basically endless. We skipped going to Castaway Cay on the last full day so we had more time to explore all the boat had to offer. Despite the additional time, we still only explored a fraction of the family-friendly entertainment Disney Wish provided.

Disney Wish Stage Show Performances

If you love Broadway-style performances, then expect to be fully entertained with the 3 Broadway-style shows offered on the cruise- “Disney Aladdin”, “The Little Mermaid”, and “Disney Seas the Adventure”. All 3 performances take place in the Walt Disney Theater, a 1200+ seat amphitheater that spans over 3 decks, worthy of the grandeur you will experience.

On embarkment day, you can experience “Disney Seas the Adventure” which includes appearances from Mickey, Goofy, Princess Tiana, and other Disney and Pixar characters. The remaining evenings offer two shows nightly, either “Disney Aladdin” and/or “The Little Mermaid” around 7 pm and 9 pm. Be sure to check the Disney Navigator App to confirm show offerings, days, and times.

“Disney Aladdin- A Musical Spectacular” is a crowd favorite. It’s a perfectly executed reimagined musical comedy featuring our beloved Aladdin, Genie, Princess Jasmine, and more. You’ll be wowed by the set exclusively designed for the Disney Wish and the profound musical renditions of “A Whole New World” and other musical favorites from the classical Disney animation.

Similarly, “Disney The Little Mermaid” is specifically curated for Disney Wish based on the original Broadway adaption from the Disney Animation Film in 1989. The script is reimagined and includes wonderfully executed storytelling, state-of-the-art visual production, and world-class musical production of some of our favorite Little Mermaid songs like “Under the Sea”.

Disney Wish Atrium Live Entertainment

Fitting all of the Broadway-style performances is basically impossible if you want to do the sit-down dinners and/or take advantage of some of the adult-only evening activities. That’s why we were so happy they had live entertainment at the atrium throughout the evenings.

The singing and performances were excellent. Upon approaching the atrium you could witness kids dancing freely with their parents with smiles so big that they could fill the room. The ambiance it created was indeed something special.

Pirates Rockin’ Parlay Party and Fireworks

The live performances don’t stop at the Walt Dinsey Theater or the Atrium. On the last evening, there’s a Pirates Rockin’ Parlay Party and Fireworks show. Well, actually two of them. The first one is earlier in the evening around 730 pm, without fireworks, and the ultimate show with fireworks is closer to 1015 pm.

At first, we were going to pass on going to the party because honestly, after dinner it’s time to drop off the kids at the Oceaneers Club so we can have some adult time. But everyone on the cruise was hyping up the party, and more or less dressed for the pirate theme.

Needless to say, I’m glad that we didn’t miss it. Mickey and the crew’s performance was spectacular! And Captain Hook and the storyline did not disappoint. After the show, was a dance party. The kids had the time of their lives.

Later that evening, after dropping the kids at the Oceaneers Club, my husband and I made it to the fireworks show. I must say, it was pretty impressive.

Wonderland Cinema and Never Land Cinema

Located on deck 4, near the concession stand, are Wonderland and Never Land Cinema. These boutique theaters offer Dolby Atmos 3D audio along with comfy, oversized seats, and beautiful theme-specific decor. Both theaters offer a variety of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm movies throughout the day.

My boys thought it was so cool to watch a Disney movie on a Disney cruise with yummy, freshly popped popcorn.

Hero Zone

Looking to burn some energy with your kids, indoors? Be sure to head to Hero Zone, a climate-controlled, indoor multifunctional sports area, which can be found on deck 12. Guests can enjoy sports like basketball to table games like air hockey and foosball. There is scheduled free time to play, as well as scheduled events.

Also, be sure to check out The Incredibles Incredi-Games. An Incredibles-themed, inflatable obstacle course. Guests must be 40″ to participate and wear socks.

Our Review of Disney Wish Family-Friendly Entertainment

Honestly, I don’t think one family can possibly experience all of the entertainment that Disney Wish has to offer in a single sail, especially on the 3-day sail option, which we did. There is literally SO MUCH TO DO!

If you have to prioritize some of the entertainment, it would be the live entertainment and the Pirate Party. Both truly make the experience special for the entire family.

Disney Wish Character Meet and Greet Review

The Disney Wish Character Meet and Greet was one of the key reasons why we went on the cruise. My boys wanted to meet Mickey and his friends. And boy did they!

I absolutely loved how many opportunities were provided to meet characters- both during the day and in the evenings. The Navigator App lists the character meet and greet times, so you can plan accordingly. The most challenging part is multiple characters’ meet and greets occur simultaneously, making it challenging to do two within the 30-minute timeframe of each meet and greet.

The good news is, you are not waiting in line for long. I think the longest we waited was about 10-15 minutes if that. Plus, the character meets and greets go beyond Mickey and Minnie. Some additional characters include Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Moana, Cinderella, and so many more!

Disney Wish Adult-Only Experiences

I’m going to be honest, when we booked the Disney Wish Cruise, I kept asking myself “what’s in it for me?” My thought of a Disney cruise was Mickey and his friends, and nothing else. But boy, was I wrong. I was pleasantly surprised by all of the adult-only experiences on the Dish Wish Cruise Line.

Disney Wish Adult-Only Activities Review

When I logged into the Disney cruise line navigator app, I was pleasantly surprised to see all of the adult-only activities offered. From cocktail and spirit classes to nightly entertainment.

My husband and I took a reserved whiskey class. This was such a cool experience. The instructor chose 4 high-end whiskeys for us to sample and learn about their history. The class was intimate with only 5 participants, and an instructor whose knowledge of whiskey was impressive!

Similarly, they offered wine, champagne, cocktail making, and other classes. Most of the classes were scheduled at night, which is perfect as the Oceaneers Club stays open until midnight. Do note that there is an additional fee to participate in these types of classes.

But don’t fret, there are nightly activities that are free of charge as well. We particularly loved the “Match Your Mate” where they choose 3 couples from the audience. They separated each couple, asking one individual questions about their relationship, while the other individual was out of the room. Once the couple was reunited, they had to “match their mate.”

The laughs were endless. And the chemistry of the hosts was outstanding, top tier.

Additional adult-only activities include silent DJ parties, music trivia, and other game-show types of activities. Be sure to check your Disney Navigator App for the dates and time options.

Disney Wish Adult-Only Zones Review

Quiet Cove

Located on deck 13, Quiet Cove is the adult-only pool area. And it’s not just any pool area, it screams comfort and luxury. It contains Disney Cruise Line’s first infinity pool, as well as 2 whirlpools, a bar, a restaurant, and beautiful, comfy loungers.

Be sure to drop the kids off at the kid’s club so you can have some adult time in Quiet Cove.

Disney Wish Spa, Fitness Center, and Salons

So I knew that cruises had spas and fitness centers. But no way did I think they would be so nice and luxurious, especially on a Disney Cruise.

Senses Spa and Salon

I’ve been to a lot of spas in my life and Senses Spa is top-tier. Not only do they offer a wide range of services, including a Medispa doctor, but the ambiance is also breathtaking! During the open house, we were able to see two of the couples’ massage rooms. Romance overload.

Each couples’ massage room had beautiful, large hot tubs and top-of-the-line massage tables. I was highly impressed. If there was space in the budget and schedule, I most definitely would’ve opted for a couples massage in this room.

Similarly, The Rainforest Room is the epitome of relaxation. It’s an indoor/outdoor experience with a dry sauna, steam rooms, whirlpools, amazingly comfortable loungers, floor-to-ceiling windows, and unobstructed views of the ocean. In order to access Disney Wish Rainforest Room, you have to purchase a day pass. On our cruise, you actually had to purchase a day pass for all 3 days, no single-day passes were available.

Senses Fitness Center

I am a sucker for a beautiful gym with high-end equipment. So when I saw Senses Fitness Center, I knew I had to sneak a moment for myself so that I could work out. Not only is the equipment top-tier, but there are also two separate studios. One for yoga-like classes and another for spin classes. Do note that some of the classes have a fee.

And can you believe it, I purchased shoe insoles at the fitness center? They do a foot test and recommend insoles that help with joint pressure.

Untangled Salon and Hook’s Barbery

Never would I have thought that a cruise would have salons aboard- Untangled Salon for women and Hook’s Barbery for men. Untangled offers hair services, manicures, and pedicures, as well as lash lifts in a beautiful Rapunzel-theme ambiance. Likewise, Hook’s Barbery features heavy leather barber chairs as well as manicure and pedicure stations. We actually did our whiskey tasting at Hook’s Barbery, where they revealed the hidden high-end whiskey bar.

Disney Wish Lounges and Bars Review

Another thing that I was pleasantly surprised about on the Disney Wish was the number of bars available throughout the ship. There are over a dozen bars on the Disney Wish. Yes, more than 12.

Below are some of them:

The Bayou (Deck 3)

Living in New Orleans (NOLA) for the last decade, The Bayou most definitely gives old NOLA, speakeasy vibes from Princess and The Frog. It’s located in the center of the boat, without any walls. So it’s great for people-watching!

Nightingale’s (Deck 3)

This Cinderealla-inspired piano bar is located next to the slide which leads to the Oceaneers Club. Depending on how the day has gone with your kiddos, you may or may not want to stop here for champagne, wine, or craft cocktail after dropping your little ones off.

Preludes (Deck 3)

Heading to experience a Broadway-style show at the Walt Disney Theater or a movie at one of the cinemas? Stop by Preludes to grab a drink or popcorn before heading in.

Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge (Deck 3)

Have you heard of the $5000 cocktail on the Disney Wish? Well, that’s at Hyperspace Lounge, decorated as a luxurious starcruiser. And don’t worry, all drinks aren’t $5000. Most are very reasonably priced.

Do note, a reservation is required.

Wishing Star Cafe (Deck 4)

This was one of my favorite cafes to stop for a coffee or drink on the cruise. Similar to Bayou, it’s located near the center of the ship, without walls. Great for people watching without necessarily being in the center of things.

Luna’s Libations (Deck 4)

As previously mentioned, several of the adults-only activities like game shows and silent DJ party takes place at the Luna Theater. And what type of adult-only activity would it be without a bar? Luna’s Libations not only offers great drinks but also popcorn. A 2-for-1 special in my book!

Keg & Compass (Deck 5)

Think upscale sports bar. Keg & Compass offers unique craft beers, cocktails, wine, and even an a la carte food menu, which includes wings, German pretzels, fish and chips, and more yumminess.

Enchanted Sword Cafe (Deck 5)

Similar to Wishing Star Cafe, grab a coffee, pressed drink, or cocktail while on the 5th deck.

The Lookout (Deck 11)

Located by Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods quick-service stations, The Lookout has a good selection of beer, wine, frozen cocktails, and liquor. Perfect when grabbing a meal or chilling at the pool.

Pool Bar (Deck 11)

I mean, what’s a pool without a bar? The Pool Bar only offers beer, wine, and water. Luckily for me, who loves tequila, The Lookout is right there as well.

Marceline Market Cafe (Deck 11)

Similar to The Lookout, Marceling Market Cafe offers an opportunity for guests to grab a coffee or adult beverage while grabbing food at the Marceline Market. I had an awesome coffee Old Fashioned with my breakfast one day. Delish!

The Rose (Deck 12)

Located at the entrance of the adult-only restaurants Palo Steakhouse and Enchante, The Rose is an elegant, upscale lounge. This is the perfect place to grab a drink and ocean view if you’re feeling fancy.

Cove Cafe and Bar (Deck 13)

Although two separate entities, with Cove Cafe inside with coffee, teas, and treats, and Cove Bar outside with beer, wine, and cocktails. When in Quiet Cove, an adult-only area, be sure to grab a drink.

Currents (Deck 14)

Look, after spending a few hours at Toy Story Splash Zone and Slide-a-saurus Rex Waterslide, this mama was in need of an adult beverage. Currents to the rescue as it’s located on a deck above the kid-only water activities and has large, comfy lounge chairs.

Would I go on Disney Wish Without Kids?

Surprisingly, I would go on Disney Wish without my kids because this cruise exudes luxury. The only downside is that most of the adult-only activities that piqued my interest like spa treatments, and adult-only restaurants, cost extra. So I’m not sure if my budget would like it.

Disney Wish Food Review

Disney Wish Food Review- rack of lamb at 1923 restaurant

The first thing my husband did when researching the cruise was, after checking the cost, looked at a Disney Wish food review. Because he refused to pay that much for a cruise that only had lackluster food. The good thing about Disney Wish Cruise is there’s something for everyone, with a variety of restaurants and food options.

Disney Wish Mickey’s Festival of Foods (Deck 11) Review

Mickey’s Festival of Food is a quick-service, food court-style “restaurant” with 5 themed food stations, including Mickey’s Smokestack Barbeque, Donald’s Cantina, Daisy’s Pizza Pie, Goofy’s Grill, Sweet Minnie’s Ice Cream. Feel free to grab a bite for lunch, dinner, or anytime throughout the day.

It’s conveniently located around the perimeter of the pool area. So you can easily plan to grab a bite before/after a swim or sit by the numerous tables that offer ocean views.

Touring such a large cruise ship on the first day, definitely worked up our appetite. So we headed to Mickey’s Festival of Food while we waited for our room to be ready. I was impressed by the overall quality and freshness of the food. My family had Mickey’s Smokestack Barbeque and loved the pork and baked beans. I’m pretty sure if one of my twins was giving a Disney Wish food review, Mickey’s Smokestack Barbeque would rank the highest.

I had a burrito bowl at Donald’s Cantina, which was pretty yummy. Despite the food being tasty, most of Mickey’s Festival of Food options were the more fast-food type of options (outside of the BBQ). And personally, my belly wouldn’t allow 3 days of this type of food without some punishment in return. So, I was grateful for the other restaurant options on Disney Wish.

Disney Wish Marceline Market (Deck 11) Review

Steps away from Mickey’s Festival of Food is its higher-class big brother, Marceline Market. It’s also buffet-style with a plethora of food stations that severe a variety of food. Like all of the food options on the Disney Wish Cruise, there is a hand washing/sanitizing station upon entrance and the food is served by the staff.

Marceline Market is open for breakfast and lunch for buffet-style serving and a sit-down dinner. We had both breakfast and lunch here and they were the best meals that I had on the Disney Cruise, especially the lunch. What I loved about the Marceline Market on the Disney Wish Cruise is they had food options from all around the world.

Breakfast ranged from the standard American breakfast with Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes with eggs, to European cheeses and croissants, and also Asian breakfast items like congee. There was literally something for everyone.

And not to be outdone, the lunch options were phenomenal. This was literally the meal that stood out in my head. There were so many options, that I ended up having three plates so I could taste the variety of options. My plates consisted of Mediterranean-grilled style lamb and chicken, perfectly roasted vegetables, Indian style curry, and rice, lightly sauteed shrimp on a bed of salad and quinoa, along with a flourless cake and ice cream.

Oh, and did I mention we enjoyed this meal while taking in the breathtaking views of Castaway Cay as we were sitting in the outdoor dining area of Marceline Market.

Disney Rotational Dining Review

There was so much hype around the rotational dining on the Disney Wish Cruise, we couldn’t wait to experience all three options: Arendelle: A Frozne Dining Adventure, 1923, and Worlds of Marvel. So much so, we planned our cruise outfits accordingly.

Please note that all rotation dining experiences are included.

Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure

On our first night of the cruise, we were assigned dinner at Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure. A dinner themed after the Disney animated musical, Frozen. And boy did the performance not disappoint!

When you first enter the dining area, you see the stage set in the middle, which made me immediately question where we were seated in relation to the stage. There are 2-3 rows of immediate seating around the entire circumference of the stage. We were not seated in that area but in the larger loop that’s separated from the immediate seating by an aisle.

Thus, I was concerned that we weren’t going to be able to see or hear the performance. From where we were seated, we could see the stage relatively well. It was a bit harder to hear the performance but we didn’t have to worry about that for long, because they took the show on the road.

All of the characters made their way throughout the dining hall, ensuring that each table had time to interact with them. And my boys LOVED meeting Elsa and Olaf as they wished them a happy birthday.

The menu was appropriately Nordic-themed, featuring split pea soup (which was delicious), chilled asparagus, roasted pork tenderloin, pan-seared seabass, and more! The food was tasty (not amazing) and the service was excellent.

Little did I know, the same servers rotate with you nightly- creating a great opportunity to bond.


1923 gives an old-world Hollywood vibe based on the year that The Walt Disney Company was founded in California. The mix of wood and brown leather gave it a very elegant feel. Plus, we were fortunate to be seated in front of one of the oversized windows with an uninhibited view of the sunset over the ocean. Hands down, best ambiance (at least for an adult) of the rotational dining options.

Of course, the menu had to complement the elegance of the theme. With a rack of lamb, filet mignon, duck confit, ahi tuna, and other higher-end food choices. I was hoping that this would be my favorite meal of the cruise.

My honest Disney Wish 1923 food review is the food unfortunately did not live up to the hype, for me. I ordered the rack of lamb and my husband had the filet mignon. Neither was as flavorful and tender as we were hoping.

Worlds of Marvel

My boys LOVE Marvel, I mean LOVE IT!

Their faces lit from ear to ear as we walked into the Worlds of Marvel restaurant and they noticed that each table had an interactive Quantaum core and the walls were furnished with large screen TVs. The excitement continued to grow throughout the evening as they helped Ant-Man and The Wasp save the day against an unexpected villain.

Oh, and we cannot forget the real-life cameo of Spiderman who walked through the restaurant hugging and hi-fiving kiddos. The smile on my kid’s face could not be erased if you’d try.

The menu selection takes the theme after the various homes of our favorite Marvel characters, including the like of Wakanda, Africa, New York City, and Sokovia in Eastern Europe. As much as I wanted to love my chicken schnitzel, I just didn’t. It was rather flavorless to me. My husband had the beef tenderloin and he thought it was just okay.

Disney Wish Adult-Only Restaurants

I swear the Imagineers of the Disney Wish thought of everything, including high-end adult-only restaurants. Between Palo Steakhouse and Enchanté by Chef Arnaud Lallement adults have the option to enjoy dinner or Sunday brunch (at Enchanté by Chef Arnaud Lallement) sans kiddos.

Palo combines the best of both worlds, Italian cuisine, and steaks. If you’re a steak lover, you won’t be disappointed by the options, including some of the best steak cuts in the world like Japanese Kobe, Australian wagyu, and more!

If you’re looking for the ultimate opulence that Disney Wish has to offer, you must have dinner at Enchanté by Chef Arnaud Lallement, a three-Michelin-starred chef. The curated menu gives you three dining options: Collection- a seasonally based menu curated with the best meats and options available, Passion- a six-course dining experience, or a la carte.

Please note that reservations are required for adult-only dining experiences and incur an additional fee.

Our Review of the Food on the Disney Wish

The dining options on the Disney Wish are plentiful. There is literally an option for everyone with the rotational dining experiences featuring both vegetarian and kids menus. Similar to the entertainment offered on the cruise ship, there are so many options that it’s impossible for anyone to dine at them all in a single voyage upon the Disney Wish.

If I had to give Disney Wish restaurants a review on the dining experiences, I’d rate the ambiance and entertainment factor an A+. Everyone was thoroughly entertained and loved the ambiance of each venue.

Unfortunately, I’d have to leave a review regarding the taste of the food on The Disney Wish a B, maybe a B-. I really wanted to love the food but the only dining experience that had me leaving with the happy tummy dance was the Marceline Market. The food in the rotational restaurants was blander than I’d like- but that’s my personal taste. Some people thought the food was excellent.

Disney Wish Stateroom Review

The Disney Wish has 4 main categories of staterooms: inside, oceanview, verandah, and concierge. Both oceanview and verandah staterooms have both deluxe oceanview staterooms and deluxe family oceanview staterooms. The difference between the two is the deluxe oceanview staterooms fit 3-4 and the deluxe family oceanview staterooms fit 4-5.

We originally booked a deluxe oceanview stateroom with a verandah and we lucked up and got upgraded to a deluxe family oceanview stateroom (I think because our travel advisor booked the cruise for us- as we have NO status with Disney). And man were we impressed.

The room was pretty spacious with a king-size bed, a couch that converts to a bed, a bed in the ceiling that converts to a bunk bed along with the couch bed, and a Murphy bed. It’s pretty cool how you leave for the day to explore the ship or The Bahamas and return to your stateroom prepped for the night’s rest.

Similarly, the bathrooms were well thought out as the shower and toilet were separated. Great for when toddlers need to go potty last minute while someone else is taking a shower.

Honestly, I can’t think of anything that I would improve my review of the staterooms on the Disney Wish. The beds were extremely comfortable, including the boys’ which came with bed rails. Everything was pretty spacious to be on a cruise, including our verandah.

Disney Wish Itinerary Review 

We took the 3 night Disney Wish Cruise which docked in Nassau, Bahamas, and Castaway Cay, a Disney-owned Bahamian Island. This was the best option for our family as it left on a Friday and came back on a Monday, reducing the number of days the boys would miss school. Plus, we didn’t know what we were getting into, so we wanted to put our toe in the water before taking a deep dive.

My honest review, I think the 3-night Disney Wish cruise is too short of an itinerary, especially to enjoy the destinations and the ship itself. In fact, we chose to skip Castaway Cay so that we could explore some of the ship’s water activities. And personally, I thought we made the right decision. Because I’m paying the premium of being on a Disney Cruise not to necessarily go to a nice beach with water activities but to enjoy the ship and the premium entertainment the cruise ship offers.

With that said, we left feeling like we only tasted a small portion of what Disney Wish provides. Not necessarily disappointment, but more wishing we had more time. Thus, if you have the option to take the 4-night cruise, I’d recommend that option so you can explore and do more.

Overall Disney Wish Review 

I’m shocked to say it, but the Disney Wish Cruise exceeded my expectations! It literally was beyond anything I could’ve imagined. The cruise ship itself was beautiful, modern, and well-thought-out.

I personally loved how there was an endless amount of activities to do, no matter the time of the day. There’s literally no opportunity for your kids to say the dreaded “I’m bored”, while on the Disney Wish.

And to my pleasant surprise, the entertainment wasn’t just for kids. So much so I want to go back to the Disney Wish so I can explore the adult-only options like the Quiet Cove, spa, adult-only Sunday brunch, and more of the lounges.

The main thing I would change would be the flavor of the food at the rotational dining options. Personally, I thought the food was a bit flavorless. Like, pass me the salt and pepper, please. However, I didn’t feel that way at Mickey’s Festival of Foods or Marceline Market.

Since there was a variety of tasty food options outside of rotational dining and my boys enjoyed the ambiance and entertainment of said dinners, I didn’t leave the cruise feeling hungry or extremely disappointed.

We all left the cruise very sad that it was over, desiring just a few more hours to explore the cruise ship and soak in the Disney magic.

Disney Wish Cruise Review FAQ

What are the Transportation Options to Port Canaveral for Disney Wish?

We flew into Orlando on a pretty good flight deal from our hometown, New Orleans. We initially were going to rent a car so we could explore Orlando and park at Port Canaveral. The drive from Orlando to Port Canaveral is about 90 minutes. There is the option to either park at the Port Canaveral cruise terminal for $17 per day or use off-site parking options for about half the price.

Since my husband’s family drove to Orlando from Miami, we skipped getting the rental car because they were able to drive us around Orlando and to the Port Canaveral cruise terminal. To return back to the airport, we looked into two options: shuttle or ride-share service.

The size of your party will determine the best transportation option to/from Port Canaveral. The shuttle from MCO airport to Port Canaveral cost $25 per person, one-way, or $50 roundtrip. If you aren’t flying in the day of the cruise (which I highly recommend flying in at least the day before), and there are only 2 or 3 of you, you’re going to want a shuttle that picks you up from your lodging accommodations.

Do note that those shuttles’ rates are per person. If you have four people, as we did, it may be cheaper and more convenient to take a private shuttle service, especially if your entire party can’t fit into a single ride-share service vehicle.

Since there were four of us, we were able to comfortably fit into a Uber, car seats and all. Our one-way from Port Canaveral to Orlando Airport (MCO) was $78.66.

What’s Free on the Disney Wish Cruise?

Unlike most cruises, soft drinks, Powerade, and Vitamin Water are free on Disney Wish. In fact, Mickey’s Festival of Friends has self-serve stations for guests to get soft drinks and water at their leisure. Similarly, room service is free on Disney Wish.

Oh, we can’t forget the free catalog of Disney movies on television. I don’t know but there’s something special about laying in your comfy bed watching a Disney movie on a Disney cruise.

Can you Bring Alcohol On Board the Disney Wish?

These silicone wine cups came in super handy! Plus, they’re foldable

Surprisingly, yes! Guests 21 and older can bring 2 unopen bottles of 750ml of wine or champagne on board during embarkation day, in a carry-on. Please note there is a $25 corkage fee if you choose to bring your own wine to a restaurant or lounge.

Personally, we brought 4 bottles of wine (2 per adult); however, we ended up only drinking 2 bottles because the drinks onboard were fairly reasonable, starting at $6-$8, and up (and I’m more of a tequila girl when relaxing at the pool).

How is the Embarkation and Disembarkation Process on the Disney Wish?

Disney Wish Embarkation Process

In the weeks leading up to the cruise, you will get the opportunity to choose a timeframe that you’d like to check-in. Check-in on the Disney Wish starts at 11. And embarkation begins around noon. Although we choose to check in at 1, we ended up arriving a little after 11. And I’m glad we did.

The check-in process was super easy and quick. We waited in line to check in for less than 5 minutes, causing us to get to the waiting area before the gangway a little after 12. We waited there for 10 minutes or so before we were called to embark on the cruise ship!

After a few welcome pictures with the Disney Wish background, we were on the gangway, and on our way to embark on the Disney Wish!

Disney Wish Disembarkation Process

Disembarkation on the Disney Wish can start as early as 730 AM, especially if you carry your own luggage off the ship. For those who use the porter service, you will be given character luggage tags to indicate when you can disembark. All luggage taken by the porter service must be set outside of the stateroom door the evening prior to disembarkation.

If you don’t like waiting in line, disembarking early is the best way to go.

We’re not early risers, especially on vacation, so we skipped the early morning disembarkation breakfast scheduled around 7 AM and disembarked closer to 830 AM. And there was a crowd!

If you used the porter service, you can grab your luggage and head to border control. This is what took the longest amount of time. We stood in line for about 30 minutes, waiting to get to the border control agent so we could officially disembark the cruise ship.

How much did the Disney Wish Cruise cost us?

Of course, the cost of the Disney Wish will vary based on the stateroom category, when you decide to go, and how far in advance you booked. Our particular cruise was sold out (which it appears most of them are) and we only booked it 6 weeks in advance or so.

For 2 adults and 2 kids, with a verandah stateroom, our Disney Wish cruise cost $3885. On board, we spent about an additional $1000 with the tip package, unlimited photo package, Pirate night dress-up sessions in bibbidi bobbidi boutique, reserve whiskey sessions, etc.

In total, including 4 flights from New Orleans, an excursion when we docked in Nassau, and transportation, we spent around $6250 to make our Disney Wish dreams come true.

Would We Sail on the Disney Wish Again?

Definitely. To my pleasant surprise, there was so much to do on the cruise ship I feel like we only scratched the surface. Plus the planning was significantly easier than most family vacations.

I’m sure another Disney Cruise is in our future, especially the Disney Magic since it sails from our hometown, New Orleans. But if we sail the Disney Wish again, which the likelihood is high, I’d probably skip disembarking at the ports, at least for the full day. This way we can have more time to explore all the cruise ship has to offer.

Disney Wish Review Tips & Tricks

Book Desired Activities Early

We didn’t book our cruise until 6 weeks before our embarkation day. At that time, there were already activities sold out, i.e. the Sunday brunch. Thus, I recommend, if an activity has piqued your interest, book it.

If necessary, you can always cancel or reschedule when on the boat.

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

If you don’t like lines or crowds, embark and disembark the ship as early as possible. Embarking early is fairly easy because that starts around noon. That gives your more time during the open house to explore the ship, with fewer people aboard.

Dress The Part

One of the cutest things about the Disney Cruise is seeing everyone dressed in their favorite Disney, Marvel, or Pixar characters, especially the kiddos. And the pirate night is next level. Some of the pirate costumes were out of sight!

Bring Lanyards

As a novice cruiser, I failed to realize how important it was to have a lanyard to hold our stateroom key card. You need it for everything. To get on/off the cruise ship, to purchase anything, to check your kiddos in and out of the Oceaneer’s Club, etc.

Let’s just say we lost a card more than once. Luckily they didn’t charge us for new ones.

✔️ Explore Disney-themed Lanyards ✔️

Disney Cruise Stateroom Door Magnets

Another thing I didn’t realize was a thing, stateroom door magnets. It’s a cute way to decorate your stateroom but an even easier way to help you (and your young kiddos) identify which stateroom is yours.

✔️ Explore Disney-themed Stateroom Door Magnets ✔️

Bring an Autograph Book

So many kiddos had books or items that the Disney characters could sign. What a cute souvenir! I most definitely will be doing this for our next Disney cruise.

✔️ Explore Disney-themed Autograph Books ✔️

Is the Disney Wish Unlimited Photo Package Worth It?

Yes! Each day there are numerous, unique opportunities to get your photo snagged with your family and or favorite characters. Varying from themed backgrounds, to dinner, and even just walking around the cruise ship, there are endless opportunities to capture your time on Disney Wish.

Plus the individual cost of photos is relatively expensive. And since so many are taken, you may end up spending around the cost of the unlimited package, on a few pictures.

Focus on the Cruise Ship rather than The Bahamas

When paying for a Disney Cruise, you’re paying for the amenities of the cruise ship, not necessarily the destinations it docks at, The Bahamas for the Disney Wish. I personally recommend not spending the entire time the ship is docked to explore Nassau or Castaway Cay. This is the perfect time to take advantage of the water activities and other entertainment that gets crowded when everyone is on the cruise ship.

Did Disney Wish make me want to go to Disney World?

No. The Disney Wish felt like a curated Disney experience. Outside of disembarkation, we literally didn’t wait longer than about 10 minutes for anything, including character meets & greets. The service was A+ and the overall experience was top-tier.

I can’t imagine having the same experience with tens of thousands of people, in the Orlando sun. However, I am interested in giving Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Tokyo a try.

Conclusion: Disney Wish Cruise Line Review

Overall, Disney Wish exceeded all of our expectations!

We were pleasantly surprised by the number of activities available for just kids, adults-only, and families. There was literally something for everyone. So much so, we can’t wait to go again!

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