Let’s be real. Traveling with kids, especially babies and toddlers, is not necessarily easy.
There are questions on what to bring, how to keep your little one as safe and content as possible, what documents are needed, etc.

The goal of my products is to take the knowledge I’ve gained in the 50+ trips that I have been on with my twin boys since they were 4 months old and create comprehensive, easy-to-use tools that help parents travel with their little ones as confidently as possible.

Take the guesswork out of traveling with kids.
No more searching the internet for the right products or what you should or should not do.

Here, everything regarding traveling with kids is spelled out for you.
From there you get to decide which items and strategies will work best for your family during travels.

It’s like having 50+ trips with kids under your belt, on the first trip!

Traveling with Kids Checklists

These interactive traveling with kids packing lists not only detail what to pack in a diaper bag or toddler backpack but also in a carry-on and checked luggage. 

Included Traveling with Kids Categories:

-Food and Beverage (including breastmilk/breastfeeding needs)
-Diapering Needs
-Transporting Baby
-Helpful Luggage Accessories
-Baby Entertainment
-Travel Day Essential
-Required Documents
-Clothing Suggestions
-Sleeping Needs

Also included:

-Space for you to type in your specific needs (keeping your traveling with kids packing list in one single document)
-Active links to my recommended product list

*Do note these are affiliate links and I receive a small commission*

Now you may be saying, I make my own checklist.
Okay, but why recreate the wheel for every trip?
These interactive checklists allow you to add your specific traveling with kids essentials, keeping your kids’ packing list to a single document.

You may also be wondering about the Traveling with Kids Mental Preparedness Checklist and if that’s really essential.
In fact, it may be the most important traveling with kids checklist out of all of them.
Preparing yourself as much as possible for traveling with kids is essential. The Traveling with Kids Mental Preparedness Checklist guides you through the various scenarios that occur before, during, and after flying with kids.
After giving some thought to the outlined items in the Traveling with Kids Mental Preparedness Checklist, you’ll be confident to take on, and potentially enjoy, family travel.

The time you save in researching and making a checklist for every trip is worth more than the cost of these checklists!

E-Book: The Traveling with Kids Encyclopedia

Want to become an expert in traveling with kids?
Or better yet have a traveling with kids expert at your fingertips?

My Traveling with Kids Encyclopedia: The Complete Road Map to Traveling with Babies and Toddlers is a digital guide of over 60+ pages covering over 20 topics regarding kids’ travels.

This one-stop shop will eliminate the need to research what you should do when traveling with babies and toddlers and help you feel confident during your family travels. Included are checklists and product links to make the process easier.

*Please note, that some links are affiliate links and I earn a small commission*

Take the guesswork out of traveling with kids.

Enjoy family travels like a pro, even on the first trip!
With a traveling with kids expert at your fingertips.