When planning our nine-year anniversary trip, I honestly was shocked by the plethora of things to do in Aruba! Honestly, we landed in Aruba after receiving an alert from Scott’s Cheap Flights for roundtrip tickets for less than $300 per person and thought this was going to beach and chill baecation.

Well, we were wrong!

Not only are there numerous activities available, but there are so many romantic things to do in Aruba! So no matter what type of trip you’re planning to take to Aruba, you won’t be left disappointed.

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One Happy Island

Aruba is affectionately known as One Happy Island because its beauty alone will make anyone visiting feel happy. From the beautiful crystal clear, turquoise-hued water, to the unlimited activities, everyone is pretty much guaranteed to have a good time!

Plus the island isn’t large, so it’s relatively easy to get around from one activity to the next.

Unique Things to Do in Aruba

Despite only being 19.6 miles long and 6 miles across, the number of unique things to do in Aruba is pretty impressive! For our particular trip, I wanted to make sure I added a few romantic things to do in Aruba for our anniversary. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of romantic activities in the sunny Caribbean.


Hanging with the flamingos at De Palm Island

Not only is this one of the very unique things to do in Aruba, but it is also a must-do when visiting the island!

1. Flamingo Island

Aruba Flamingo Island is owned by Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort. Therefore, it is exclusive to their guests.

However, they do offer a limited supply of day passes for $125, which includes a meal. The tickets sell out quickly so I would recommend purchasing them in advance, here. Getting a day pass was the strategy we were going to use until I discovered De Palm Island.

2. De Palm Island

Similar to the Renaissance’s Flamingo Island, De Palm Island is home to about ten beautiful flamingos who are free to roam around their specific beach area. All guests have access to them but during a specific time. The exceptions are those who purchase premium seating or beach cabanas.

We opted for the premium seating which was $49 per person. It’s in a private area with waitstaff. As travel returns and more and more people start to visit Aruba again, I would recommend this area if you prefer not to be amongst the crowd.

The $119 general admission fee includes roundtrip transportation, unlimited banana boat rides, snorkeling, waterslides (which is a perfect kid-friendly beach activity to do in Aruba), food and beverage, and so much more.

When food is included I always have low expectations, but to my pleasant surprise, the food was actually tasty. In fact, there were two food areas – one buffet with very fresh chicken, fish, rice, and veggies, while the other area had hamburgers, hot dogs, and french fries. 

Pro tip: If you bring your kiddos and plan on enjoying the crystal-clear waters, you might want to pack some reliable ear plugs for your kids. No one wants to go to the doctor for an ear infection on vacation!

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Unique Water Activities in Aruba

SeaTrek experience at De Palm Island

3. Sea Trek

Not only does De Palm Island have Flamingos, but they also have the Sea Trek experience. It’s an underwater helmet walk for an additional $64 per person. I can’t stress enough that it is an experience of a lifetime.

The thought of being able to walk on the ocean floor for almost thirty minutes without any diving experience is mind-blowing.

Before entering the ocean, a seventy-pound helmet (which is almost undetectable underwater) is placed on your shoulders. You simply have to walk, keep your head upright, and breathe regularly. In fact, there is a rail to hold onto as two divers escort you through the experience. 

Sea Trek is available in a few other countries. Simply Google Sea Trek and the name of the country you will visit to see if it’s located there. 

4. Seabob Aruba

A Seabob Aruba tour is similar to snorkeling but on the next level. The Seabob itself is an underwater scooter that allows you to explore the ocean and marine life, electronically! No experience is necessary to enjoy this experience.

5. Crystal Kayak Rental

Crystal Kayaks- a beautiful way to enjoy the crystal clear ocean

I don’t know what’s more delightful than seeing the bottom of the ocean floor as you kayak across it. The Crystal Kayaks at Island Cabana Aruba is 100% clear, allowing you to explore the ocean from the comfort of your kayak. We didn’t see any fish, but it was still breathtaking nonetheless.

And for $30 for two people to kayak for one hour, it was well worth the investment and made for a wonderful experience (and killer photos). 

We also experienced Caribbean kayaking in Freeport in the Bahamas! It’s always a magical experience perfect for a romantic getaway.

6. Natural Pool

Affectionately known as “conchi” or “cura di tortuga”, the natural pool is set in a secluded area of Aruba where rock formations create a tranquil, natural pool. The journey to get here in a regular car isn’t the easiest, so it’s best, and most fun, to go on a Jeep safari to get there.

The tour includes time to indulge in nature’s beauty at both the Natural Pool and Bay Beach. As well as visiting The California Lighthouse and Gold Mills Ruins.

Please note that this activity is recommended for those who can swim. It’s best to come equipped with water shoes as the rocks can be slippery.

7. Semi-Submarine Expedition

One of the most unique things to do in Aruba is the semi-submarine expedition which allows you to go underwater without getting wet! In this 90-minute adventure, you will get views of Aruba’s beautiful ocean life, including the Arashi Reef and The Antilla, a WWII German shipwreck.

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8. Introductory Scuba Diving Lessons

Want to learn how to dive? There are very few places that offer scuba diving that is more beautiful than Aruba. This introductory lesson is a half-day and includes time in the classroom, pool, and open water dive.

Water Adventures

Catamaran ride on the Arusun

9. Catamaran

Aruba has some, if not the clearest, water I’ve seen. Therefore, a catamaran ride is a unique thing to do in Aruba. There are an array of companies that offer catamaran rides, from a champagne brunch to a snorkeling tour, or a sunset cruise. 

We chose The Arusun as it was only $50 per person and offered a well-maintained catamaran with friendly staff and tasty drinks and wraps. For us, a two-and-a-half-hour trip with two snorkeling stops was perfect. They offer two tours daily – one at 9:30 AM and the other at 1 PM.

We also did a catamaran excursion during our couples trip to Jamaica. It never fails to be relaxing and romantic!

10. Jet Ski

Get your adrenaline rush while exploring the beauty of Aruba’s beautiful water on a Jet Ski. If you’re staying near the popular Eagle Beach, you won’t have to go far to find a Jet Ski vendor.

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11. Tube Ride

Want a more controlled adrenaline rush than Jet Skiing? Try tube riding where the tube is connected to a speed boat. Available for parties of 4 or smaller.

Unique Adventures in Aruba

12. Arikok National Park

On my travels, I love exploring beautiful national parks. Aruba was no exception!

Located on the east side of the island, the incredibly gorgeous Arikok National Park, preferably accessible by a 4X4 vehicle, encompasses beaches, caves, and so much more! The two beaches are Boca Prins and Dos Playa, which is a nesting site for turtles and a great place to surf.

Arikok National Park is one of those things to do in Aruba that you can spend all day as it offers so much. If your time is limited, talk to the rangers to get their recommendations of what you should do first.

13. UTV & ATV Tours

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, but prefer it on land, a UTV or ATV tour is a must-do activity while in Aruba. These half or whole-day adventures are a great way to experience Aruba’s desert and landmarks.

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14. Skydive Aruba

Now, this Aruba adventure is for the serious thrill-seeker. If this is you, Skydive Aruba gives the opportunity to take in the white sandy beaches and crystal clear, turquoise-hued water from a vantage point that most won’t see.

15. Ayo Rock Formations

In an area once considered sacred by the local inhabitants, the boulders create relatively easy walking paths leading to wonderful views of Aruba. The great thing is the entrance is free and Casibari Rock Formations are in close proximity. Thus, both Aruba activities are normally combined for most tours.

15. Parasailing

Take in the breathtaking views of Aruba from a vantage point most don’t get to experience. You’re going to want to bring a camera to capture this experience. The tour offers the option for single, tandem, or triple seating.

17. Jeep Safari

Want to explore Aruba’s desert without having to transverse the terrain yourself? The Jeep Safari is an excellent way to experience some of Aruba’s natural attractions without the stress of getting there yourself. Most tours include a stop at a beach for snorkeling as well as some of Aruba’s most beautiful natural formations.

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Local Attractions

If you enjoy visiting local attractions, below are things to do in Aruba that should be on the top of your itinerary list.

18. Natural Bridge Aruba

The Natural Bridge Aruba naturally formed out of coral limestone, is located in Arikok National Park. Unfortunately, the bridge collapsed in 2005. What remains is a beautiful backdrop to take photos and take in the beauty of Aruba.

19. Historic & Cultural Walk

Learn about the history, culture, and architecture of Aruba through the lens of a local. The tour includes museums, tastings, and more!

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20. Pictures with the “I Love Aruba” Sign

I Love Aruba Sign

Taking a picture with the “I Love Aruba” Sign is a must-do Aruba activity to commemorate your time on One Happy Island. If you’re at Eagle Beach, it’s a short walk away, located outside of Renaissance Aruba Wind Creek Resort.

21. California Lighthouse

Take in 360-degree views of Aruba from its highest elevation point, California Lighthouse. To get to this vantage point, there’s a $5 entry fee and a narrow staircase to the top.

Upgrade your experience to one of the most romantic things to do in Aruba by reserving a private dinner for two. This is one of the few lighthouses in the world that offers this unique experience.

22. Street Car & Trolley

The street car and trolley are great for cruise passengers. It’s a free mode of transportation from the cruise terminal to downtown.

Love on Animals in Aruba

23. Horseback Riding

Enjoy the beautiful views of Aruba’s beach, sand dunes, attractions, and more via horseback. It’s a great way to explore the island while connecting with a horse.

This Aruba adventure is perfect for all skill levels, including first-timers.

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24. Butterfly Farm Aruba

Experience butterflies flying freely in a rainforest-like atmosphere. The guided tours offer the opportunity to learn more about butterflies and potentially hold them.

Plus your ticket is valid for your entire vacation!

25. Animal Sanctuary 

This is the perfect thing to do in Aruba for animal lovers! During a half-day tour, you will explore 3 animal farms and hang out with ostriches, emus, donkeys, and so much more.

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Romantic Things to Do in Aruba

Aruba is one of the most romantic islands that I have been to. Many of the above activities could dub as a romantic activity but the below items, take things to do as a couple in Aruba to the next level of romance.

26. Floating Breakfast in Aruba

Our romantic Aruba resort, The Boardwalk Boutique Hotel, offers the option of a floating breakfast for the guests staying in the casita with a private plunge pool. The greenery of the casita creates a romantic atmosphere and privacy. By itself, it’s a romantic thing to do in Aruba.

The icing on the cake is the floating breakfast which is offered through their Aruba food and beverage partner, Eduardo’s Beach Shack. The food was fresh, and healthy, and did not disappoint. And for $58, the Aruba floating breakfast was worth every penny. 

27. Private Dinner on a Floating Island

What’s more romantic than a private dinner on top of crystal-clear water, as the sun is setting? Shuttle service, a bottle of wine, and dinner are included.

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28. Private Chef

Private dinner at our hotel

One of the perks of staying at Boardwalk Boutique Hotel is that most casitas have a kitchen, making it the perfect location for a romantic private chef dinner while in Aruba.

The hotel recommended Barbulet Concierge to schedule our private chef. We chose Chef Makaveli.

I literally could not have envisioned a better dinner. The ambiance of The Boardwalk and the deliciously fresh food of the chef made it the perfect romantic thing to do in Aruba.

29. Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort Romantic Oceanfront Dinner

Even if you’re not staying at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, it is one of the most romantic things to do in Aruba. This adult-only resort is set on Eagle Beach, creating the most beautiful ambiance to enjoy the company of the one you love. And the food is as delicious as the ambiance.

30. Blue Melody & Black Pearl Sailing, Champagne, and Snorkeling Cruise

Looking for a small group sailing and snorkeling experience that will treat you like royalty? Blue Melody & Black Pearl Sail is a romantic thing to do in Aruba for those looking to relax in lounger chairs while listening to the soft breeze of the ocean, in the company of the one they love.

This is not a party snorkel cruise. This is the sit back, relax, and snorkel cruise.

✔️ Get details on the Champagne Sailing Cruise ✔️

31. Enjoy the Spa Together

What’s more romantic than getting a massage with views and/or sounds of the ocean as a backdrop? Below are spas that offer oceanfront spa treatments:

32. Stay at a Romantic Resort

Boardwalk Boutique Hotel Beach Area

Sometimes a romantic resort is all you need as a thing to do as a couple in Aruba. If you know, you know 😉

We stayed at The Boardwalk Boutique Hotel, which is literally a tropical oasis. The landscape is filled with greenery and the vibe is completely serene. This romantic Aruba resort offers a variety of unique casitas – from one with a clawfoot tub overlooking a 360-degree balcony to another with a private plunge pool.

Although it’s not located directly on Eagle Beach, a beach area with private palapas (beach chairs with an “umbrella” made out of palm leaves) and beach service is available across the street for Boardwalk guests only. The walk itself took less than five minutes and was very simple – literally, you just walk across the street.

Honestly, the majority of the beachfront hotels (learn how to snag the best hotel deals here!) are set far back from the beach itself and are pretty large. Therefore, it would probably take most beachfront guests about the same amount of time to get from their room to the beach. 

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Recap: Unique Things to Do In Aruba

Overall, Aruba far exceeded my expectations. I honestly thought we would sit at the beach most of the time but there were so many unique things to do in Aruba, that we must come back to experience more. But honestly, the clarity and beauty of the water alone would’ve made our anniversary trip to Aruba worth it!

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