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My wanderlust has afforded me the opportunity to experience over 35 countries- from solo and couple vacations to family and business trips.

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Hey Fellow Traveler

I’m Marquita,

Wife and mama to twin toddlers!

Believe it or not, my first international trip was not until college, when I was leaving for my six month study abroad in Mexico. Growing up, most of my travel consisted of trips to our church conventions. Although they may have been in nice locations, we didn’t have much time to explore them.

Even after my study abroad, my love for travel didn’t fully flourish. It really began during the dating stage of my relationship with my husband. We had a long distance relationship; therefore, we would travel monthly to see one another. Instead of going to the other person’s city, we would frequently meet in a city that we could explore together.

My love for travel went to the next level in my current full-time role as a Global Account Team Leader, which affords me the opportunity to travel the globe supporting my customers. Man, has my wanderlust been in full bloom ever since. 

When I was pregnant with my twins, people would always comment how my husband and I would have to stop traveling once our twins arrived. Our goal is to prove everyone wrong, but most importantly, show our boys as much of the world as possible.

Not only are we on the mission to do just that, show our boys the world, but we have also vowed to continue to take couples trips. Luckily for me, my job still takes me around the world, affording me the opportunity to still take solo trips.

Meet My Family

My Family

Jaime- Husband

Marley & Jaimeson- Twin Toddlers

The boys took their first domestic flight at four months and their first international trip to Europe two months later, at six months old. By their second birthday, they had taken over fifteen trips and explored five different countries. Traveling with them truly brings me joy. It amazes me how my boys know exactly what to do and where to go when we hit the jet bridge leading to the plane.

Now don’t get me wrong, both of our boys are FULL of energy and love to explore. Trust me, our boys are the typical toddlers- tantrums, selective hearing, and the overuse of the word “No!” Please don’t think for one second that my kiddos are any different than yours. That their behavior or my husband and my demeanor is the reason we can travel as a family. I’ll be honest, things won’t always go smoothly and there might (okay, there will) be moments of frustration. In my parenthood experience, those feelings of frustration occur on the daily with kiddos, no matter if we’re traveling or not. So don’t let it stop you from traveling with your kiddos because it’s worth it. Traveling with our kids allows us the pleasure to experience the world from their eyes, a fresh and innocent perspective. I honestly wouldn’t trade these experiences for the world-yes, even if they won’t remember. You know why, because my memories matter as well. 

So let’s start making those memories! The world is our oyster and we need to explore it. I am here to help take the guesswork out and help you #travelsmarter.

Let’s get to exploring ❤

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