Pack Light: Make Sure You Have These TWO Essentials

Our goal is to ‘ease’ air travel with toddlers. Therefore, make sure to pack what you can conveniently carry. The last thing you want to do is get yourself flustered from all the stuff you have to drag through the airport. But make sure you have:

  1. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks
    • Bring a variety of their favorite snacks (the ones that don’t make a mess)
    • My boys like dried fruit, veggie sticks, cheese sticks, & cured meats
  2. Entertainment
    • Again, variety is key. And so is nostalgia and/or something “new.” Have at least one item that is either new or something they haven’t played with in a while.
    • My boys like magnetic tiles, playdoh, and their favorite books. Many parents save travel as the ‘special’ time for tablets and technology. The boys have Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet and they love it.

Be sure to checkout my “Kiddo Travel Must Haves” on my homepage.

Take Advantage of “Airport Time”

The airport is the place to allow your kids to walk up and down the hallway (chaperoned of course.) You want them to burn as much energy as possible before they are stuck on the plane to their next destination. Make sure to ask if there is a kids play area; several airports now offer them.

But in all honesty, walking the airport may not burn all their energy, especially toddlers and/or longer flights. Therefore, if they still need to burn energy while on the plane, I let them walk up and down the aisle. The passengers normally wave and say ‘hi’ and the flight attendants eat it up (and normally throws in some goodies.)

Pack Patience

Yes, be mindful of other travelers. No, don’t let their opinions consume you. Remember, your goal is to ‘ease’ air travel with your toddler, not to necessarily have a perfect trip. Because in all honesty, you’re traveling with a toddler(s) and we all know how ‘wonderful’ they can become at times. So when that time comes, which more than likely will happen, play it cool.