St. Lucia is my favorite Caribbean Island. Its beauty, numerous activities, and unique hotels makes it the perfect location for a wonderful vacation. Below are my St. Lucia trip recommendations based on my wonderful time there.

This St. Lucia trip guide is divided into the island’s two unique sections- the north and the south. The north is the more lively side featuring markets, street parties, and opportunities to interact with the locals. While the south is slower paced and more tranquil, featuring the pitons, a drive-in volcano, and luxury boutique hotels.


We wanted to explore both the north (Friday Street Party) and south (Pitons and Volcano) sides of the island. The Landings and The Ladera are both beautiful hotels. However, the Ladera’s beauty is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE. This boutique hotel features rooms that only have three walls, affording the opportunity to be mesmerized by a private pool, the pitons, and the ocean. The bed is covered with a beautiful net canopy to give a bit of security from the mosquitoes. I must admit that I didn’t get one bite on the north side of the island but I left the south with at least 20 bites. The experience was worth every bite!


North St. Lucia

This street party is not one to miss!
  • Friday Street Party at Gros Islet Street is a MUST visit.
  • Hike Fort Rodney and soak in the beautiful views.
  • Sail, swim, and snorke with Jus Sail.
St. Lucia Travel Guide: Jus Sail
Jus Sail offered a beautiful experience- fresh food and great customer service

South St. Lucia (Town of Soufriere)

St. Lucia Travel Guide: Mud Bath
Sulfur Mud Bath
  • Sulphur Springs Park- the world’s only drive-in volcano and mud bath.
  • Tet Paul Nature Trail- a wonderful trail filled with various local plants and offers amazing views of the Pitons.
  • Morne Coubaril Estates- a working plantation full of history and fun excursions like zip-lines.
  • Diamond Botanical Gardens- includes trails, mineral baths, and waterfalls.


The view from Jade Mountain

North St. Lucia

  • Dukes Place- watch as fresh fish is cooked in front of you. We ate here during the Friday Street Party.
  • Spinnakers- a great local restaurant with a chill atmosphere.

South St. Lucia

  • Dasheene at Ladera- offers delicious St. Lucian cuisine. Breakfast was included in our hotel reservation; the fruit was SO FRESH and delicious.
  • Jade Mountain- enjoy the spectacular view of the pitons while experiencing exquisite high end fresh food.
  • Doolittles- located in Marigot Bay, where some of the movie Dr. Doolittle was filmed.

No matter if you’re looking for an adventurous or relaxing vacation, taking a trip to St. Lucia is the perfect option. Splitting your trip amongst both sides of the island will give you the ultimate St. Lucian vacation. Please note that the cross-island journey is not quick; therefore be sure to book accommodations on the side of the island that you will be visiting at the time.

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