The season we’ve all been waiting for is finally upon us. For moms, it’s a stressful season because everyone is depending on us for everything. But one of the best things about this season is small travel gifts for the little ones that keep them occupied while traveling or around the house.

Here are tried and proven gifts for your favorite little people this Christmas season.

Stocking Stuffers 

Window Clings

Window Cling_Small Travel Gifts for Kids

I know it’s not just me. There’s a love/hate relationship with stickers. They keep the kids occupied but they could end up any and everywhere. Plus, they’re a pain to remove. So I learned from my mistakes and started to purchase window clings to keep my boys entertained. 

Window clings are small travel gifts that are fun, easy to transport, and can cling to so many things. They’re especially great when traveling with kids (cue airplane and road trip entertainment). And no need to worry above removal (or breaking the bank) because they easily peel off of surfaces and they can be purchased at the Dollar Store.

Small Puzzles

Puzzles are for kids too! This puzzle is made especially for your toddlers with its thick wood and larger pieces. What I like is the larger pieces means it’s harder to get lost as opposed to regular puzzle sizes, this is especially important when traveling on the plane.

Magnetic Tiles

Magnetic Tiles_Small Travel Gifts

Building my sons’ creativity is something I never pass on. These building tiles are educational while also being fun and challenging. The tiles come in different shapes and colors, which is perfect to keep them busy.

Felt Sticky Crafts

Perfect for rainy day activities or family travel. These crafts make the perfect small travel gift as they are great for passing time with busy toddlers. Not only do toddlers love them, but they also build motor skills and creativity levels. A fun alternative to television or a tablet.

Mess-Free Coloring

Painting without the mess! There are two different versions of this: one with a refillable water pen and another that uses special markers and specific paper. Kids can simply color in a section and watch the scene come to life!

Kids Camera

Kids want to be like momma so this kids camera is perfect for them. Modeled like an actual camera, this comes with more than 20 animated backgrounds for the inner star.

Kid’s Travel Books

Kids Travel Books_Small Travel Gifts

Dr. Brown Adventures Present: It’s time to pack

If you’re thinking about traveling with kids, this book is perfect as it helps the little travelers prepare to pack for their trips. What I love is how easy it is for kids to learn the words.

The Traveling Child goes to Rio

A book about traveling sisters Jordyn and Kennedy. This book takes you through their family vacation to Rio. It’s a great way to teach your kid about Rio and get them excited about travel.

Captain Carson goes to Bali

A travel book but for kids. Follow Captain Carson, a toddler, through his vacation in Bali.

Paxton goes to Paris

If Paris is on your bucket-list and you’re worried about if the kids will love it then this book is perfect. Paxton will have your kids so excited for Paris that you would have to book the trip immediately.

Montessori Basics Book

A little different from the other suggestions on this list. This book is a sensory book for younger kids and it doubles down as a travel book in the car as well as the plane.

Kids Luggage 

Flying with toddlers during COVID-Jetbridge

Marvel Hard Back

Travel should be enjoyable and the only way to do that is making sure our kids enjoy every moment of it. They also love to be an adult (not sure why) so this luggage is perfect to give them the feels without the responsibility.


Everyone loves a good choice unless you’re an adult and overwhelmed by so many choices. This backpack can either be used as a roller luggage or backpack. Kiddos choice.

Luggage Set

Another fun play on luggage but it comes as a set and at a very affordable price.

Luggage compression cubes

While this isn’t a gift for kids as it is for mothers, compression packing cubes is an absolute game changer especially if you hate ironing and love preserving space.

Did I miss anything? Which of these small travel gifts are you rushing to add to your list? Drop a comment below. Before you go, check out my gifts for momma, every day should be our day because why not?

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