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Aruba is a whole vibe! If you’ve booked a vacation to this tropical paradise, you’re probably wondering what to wear in Aruba. Luckily, for you, I’ve traveled to Aruba and can advise.

The great news is no matter the season, Aruba always gives you island temperatures so low 80s – high 90s. There is no bad news, going to Aruba comes with no cons. But I want to make sure you’re adequately prepared for your vacation, so I’m going to cover everything you could need.

And you want to dress properly for the various things to do in Aruba.

What to Wear in Aruba: Style Tips

The best advice is to dress for the weather. Aruba is a Caribbean island so you want to ensure that you’re cool and comfortable at all times. 

But don’t take it too far. Nudity and topless sunbathing are not allowed anywhere in Aruba. Some hotels may allow you to do so on their beach, but ask.

If you have a private house where no one can see you. Then, by all means. 

I know as tourists we can sometimes go crazy with our island wear. But it’s important to remember that you must wear proper attire in public settings. Places such as churches, supermarkets, gas stations, and your hotel lobby. 

Also, some people say camo is illegal in Aruba, but it’s not. Feel free to wear your camo if it’s something you wear. 

What to Wear on the Plane to Aruba: Cute, Warm, & Comfy

Aruba Packing List- female traveler wearingcomfy dress and light jacket

Planes and airports are typically cold. My suggestion is to wear or pack a comfy sweatshirt or jacket to cuddle into to keep you warm in transit to Aruba. 

For your legs, a cute pair of leggings or comfy, lightweight pants should do the trick. Remember, on your route back, you have to pack or wear whatever you bring, so don’t go too big, heavy, or bulky. 

If the flight is during the day, when temperatures are warmer, I may opt to wear a comfy dress. However, I always have a cute scarf in my bag in case they have the plane’s temperature set to arctic. 

Believe it or not, there are various adventurous things to do in Aruba, so if you’re down for those types of activities, bring your sneakers. And if you’re traveling with sneakers, you should always wear them on travel day to avoid taking up space in your luggage. 

What to Wear in Aruba During the Day

You can never go wrong with a loose-fit, cropped t-shirt with good ventilation around the armpits. Pair that with cute denim shorts, and you got an outfit!

The day is typically the hottest time when you’re on island time. If you’re not from a tropical country or don’t spend a lot of time in tropical countries, you’re going to get hot quicker. Plus, the sun is strong in Aruba; it’s typically the hottest between 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. 

Light, Comfy Sundresses

When going to a tropical location, lightweight, comfy sundresses are a must! Not only are they super stylish, but they travel easily as they normally don’t wrinkle and you can fold them relatively flat to easily fit into your suitcase. Bonus, they make an excellent cover-up!

Skirts and Shorts

One thing about a cute skirt or pair of shorts is that they can serve dual purposes- being the flirty and or functional bottom to an outfit or serving as a coverup to a swimsuit. With the heat of Aruba, you want to make sure that whichever one you decide to pack is either lightweight or short. That way you can have some airflow if you know what I mean. 

Tank Tops and Short Sleeve Shirts

If you go with the previous recommendation and pack skirts and shorts to wear in Aruba, of course, you’ll need a top to complete the ensemble (remember the no-nudity rule). 

The last thing you want during the heat of an Aruba day is your top sticking to you and/or showing your sweat marks (for the gals whose sweat glands work overtime, like mine). Therefore, consider packing tank tops and/or short sleeves that are made of a looser fit and aren’t snug around the armpits (again, think airflow 🙂)

Another great option is to use your swimsuit as your top. Swimsuits are made of material that absorbs less water and dries fast, not only perfect for the Aruba beach but also the Aruba sun.

2 Piece Coordinating Set

2 piece coordinating sets are a huge fashion trend right now. You can find them in any combination, pants, skirts, or shorts. Whichever one you decide to wear in Aruba, be sure that it’s made of lightweight material.

Also note, that just because it comes as a 2 piece set doesn’t mean that you have to always wear it as a set. The top or pants alone can make for a good coverup or piece in a different outfit.


Adding sandals that can accommodate a variety of activities while in Aruba is a must for your packing list. Comfy, sporty sandals will come in handy for those who like to hike or even take an extended walk from Palm Beach to Eagle Beach. These types of sandals normally have some type of strap or maybe a little bulky, which normally doesn’t make great beach sandals.

You’d want flip-flops or pool sandals for the beach, or even the pool or boat ride. Something that’s easy to get on or off and allows the sand and water to easily fall through them. 

Aruba Packing List: Beach Wear

Swimsuits. Swimsuits. And more Swimsuits

With such beautiful, clear, turquoise-hued water, you’re going to want to be by the beach and water, for most of your vacation. Thus, the number one must-have on your Aruba packing list is a swimsuit

And when I say a swimsuit, if you’re anything like me, I actually mean 1 swimsuit for each full day that you’ll be in Aruba (unless you plan to visit for around a week or longer). I recommend that you bring a mix of swimsuits- some that are suitable for more adventurous activities like Aruba snorkeling tours and others that are great for laying at the beach (think tan lines). 


Honestly, when wearing the right coverup in Aruba, can take your swimwear from cute beachwear to a casual chic outfit perfect for grabbing coffee or lunch. With this multi-functional thought in mind, you may want to add more than just the traditional cover-up to your Aruba packing list. 

Think kaftans, oversized shirts, lightweight dresses, skirts, pants, rompers, and shirts. With any of these types of coverups, you can easily style a variety of outfits with a couple of pieces of clothing. 

Note: if you plan to repurpose a dress for both an outfit and coverup, be sure to use said dress as a part of an outfit first. Doing the reverse, using the dress as a coverup first, may cause it to get dirty with sand or sweat, making it unsuitable to wear again without washing it first. 

Beach Bag

You’re going to have a beach bag on your Aruba packing list. But again, think multifunctional. Choose a day-to-night beach bag, that can be worn throughout the entire day while in Aruba, no matter the destination.


Want to elevate your beach fashion while protecting your face from the sun? Wear a sunhat while in Aruba. Since you’re traveling, opt for a rollable sunhat to easily transport it in your luggage. 


I mean, sunglasses go with the beach as sand goes with the ocean. Thus, you must wear sunglasses while at the beach in Aruba. Heck with that sun, you should wear sunglasses any time you’re outside during the day while in Aruba. 

Plus, a cute pair of sunglasses can really elevate your outfit from basic to eye-catching in a flash. 

What to Wear in Aruba at Night

The nights in Aruba can be a little cooler than in the daytime. This is especially true if your resort is on the ocean. Packing a nice scarf or light jacket may come in handy while enjoying an evening in Aruba.

Be Island Chic

When creating your Aruba packing list, keep in mind that you’re going to an island. This means you’ll want lightweight fabrics that you can easily layer with a scarf or light jacket if you happen to get chilly. 

The great thing about most lightweight dresses or jumpsuits is you can easily transform a day outfit into evening wear by elevating it with dressier sandals and accessories. If you insist, you can wear heels. However, if you’re going to a restaurant on the beach, it’s best to opt for sandals. 

What to Pack for Dinner in Aruba

Like daytime, nighttime in Aruba is casual. Just remember to be island chic and wear something lightweight and comfy for most restaurants. 

Aruba has some very nice fine-dining restaurants. If you plan to dine at one of those restaurants, casual elegance is the name of the game. Think of a nice flowing dress or romper that’s well-accessorized to make a statement. 

Many of these restaurants are located on the beach; therefore, you may not want to opt for the heels, especially if you’re interested in taking a nice post-dinner stroll along the beach. 

Aruba Packing List: Must-Have Toiletries


If you don’t pack anything for your trip to Aruba, you must remember to wear sunblock around as the sun works overtime. 


In case you inadvertently forgot to put sunscreen on a particular body part and you become sunburned. 

Bug Spray

Bug spray. I should have led with this because the mosquitoes in Caribbean countries are different. Sprays with neem or deet work exceptionally well. This is an excellent deet-free option. 

Baby Powder

Yes, you read that correctly, add baby power to your Aruba packing list as it easily removes sand from the skin. 

Facial Wipes

As mentioned throughout this post, the Aruba sun can be strong and the heat can be intense. Facial and body wipes will come in handy if you need to freshen up while out and about, think beach day turns into lunch at a cute restaurant. Personally, I’ll use these facial wipes for my body as well, when in a pinch. 

Aruba Packing List: Essential Items

Traveling to Aruba is not dissimilar to traveling within the United States or Western Europe. There are drug, grocery, and shopping stores within tourist locations. Thus, if you forgot to pack something (or initially didn’t bring it), you can purchase it easily in Aruba.

Travel Insurance

When it comes to prescription drugs, if you’re on medication, pack them. 

Aruba is not a US country or territory, so prescriptions from doctors outside of the country are typically not honored. The U.S. Health Insurance is also not honored in Aruba, so make sure you purchase travel insurance. I use Safetywing and Aruba is covered. 

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Waterproof Bag

I think it’s impossible to come to Aruba and not somehow get in the water as the ocean is stunning- so clear that you can literally see the marine life from the boat. 

With that said, a waterproof bag may come in handy to keep your belongings safe and dry, especially if you plan to snorkel or do a catamaran or boat ride

Dive, Waterproof Phone Case

Want to catch the beauty of marine life during your snorkels? A waterproof phone case is needed. This will allow you to take pictures underwater without worrying about your phone getting water damage.

With this particular case, you can dive up to 98ft deep for 30 minutes!

Power Bank

There are so many things to do in Aruba that the days can easily turn into nights. Most likely you’ll be using your phone during that time to take pictures, listen to music, or simply navigate from one location to another. 

Either way, you’re going to be happy that you packed a power bank for your Aruba trip. Because the last thing you want is for your phone to lose power while traveling in another country, especially if you’re a solo female traveler

My favorite power bank is both small and powerful. Perfect for travel. 

Stable Tripod 

If you want to capture some of your fun in the sun, a tripod that is stable on the sand and a little wind is a must. I’ve tested this small and stable tripod myself in the sand, and it’s the truth! 

The key is finding the flattest surface possible. 

What Not to Wear in Aruba

The only thing that’s prohibited to wear in Aruba, is wearing nothing. Thus, if you’re clothed, you can have at it!

However, with the Aruba sun being as strong as it is and the weather relatively hot all year long, it’ll be wise to keep heavy clothing off your Aruba packing list. Thus, you may not wear jean pants, long sweatpants, heavy jackets, or any other similar clothing that may be heavy, not breathable or that can easily stick to you. 

What to Wear in Aruba by Season

Humid and Windy Seasons in Aruba

Although Aruba is one of the Caribbean islands with the lowest level of humidity, the humidity is still above average in comparison to the average country.  The least humid month is August (with the humidity levels averaging in the high 60%) and the most humid month is November (with the humidity levels averaging in the low 70%).

With the humidity this high in Aruba, you’re going to want to wear clothing made of breathable or dry-fit material.

Aruba can also be windy. With the windiest months being May, June, and July. If you are traveling to Aruba during these months and are planning to do a boat activity, there may be a risk of a canceled or choppy boat excursion due to the wind. 

Therefore, be sure to add a sunhat with a detachable strap in case it’s windy while you’re there.

Wet Season (October-January)

When you think of the wet season, I bet you’re imagining torrential rainfall every day. In the case of Aruba, that’s false. 

Rainfall in Aruba doesn’t happen much and it occurs in small bursts. Aruba averages 18 inches per year and it’s delivered from October to January.

There aren’t many changes in terms of what to wear during this season as there isn’t much rain and when it does rain, it doesn’t last for long. However, if you’d like to be prepared, you can add a quality, yet packable rain poncho

However, keep in mind that Aruba lies south of the general hurricane paths. Hurricane season starts in June and ends at the end of November. If a hurricane happens to pass Aruba, it’s not unusual for Aruba to get effects from the hurricane such as rain and wind.

Aruba FAQs

Should I travel to Aruba during Hurricane Season?

Aruba is in a fortunate position to rarely get impacted by hurricane season. If you’re going to travel to the Caribbean during hurricane season, Aruba is one of the lowest-risk countries, historically. 

What are the most popular beaches in Aruba?

Eagle and Palm Beach are the most popular beaches. However, you can find breathtaking beaches throughout the entire island. If you’re looking for the infamous flamingos, be sure to go to Flamingo Island owned by the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Spa, or De Palm Island. 

In general, what should I wear in Aruba?

Don’t pack a lot of formal clothes. Aruba is on island time and you should be too. Casual elegance apparel is the closest to formal clothing that you will wear while in Aruba. 

Is Gambling legal in Aruba?

Gambling is legal in Aruba. So if that’s your vibe, be sure to hit up the casino.

Should I convert my money to Aruba?

USD is widely accepted; thus, it’s not necessary to convert money.

Is Aruba a sleepy Island?

No! When I initially started planning our trip to Aruba, for some reason I thought it was a sleepy island. Well, I was wrong. There are so many unique things to do in Aruba that we ran out of time to do everything on our list. 

Do you need to bring an adapter?

If you’re staying at a hotel, the likelihood that you’ll need an adapter is low. We stayed at the Boardwalk Boutique Hotel and didn’t need an adapter for our US phone and electronics. Before going to Aruba, check with your hotel to inquire.

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What should I pack for a week in Aruba?

Aruba packing list

As women, we tend to overpack for everything. Luckily, for a beach trip, most of the items we wear are on the smaller side and easier to pack. Below is my suggested Aruba packing list for a week. 

  • Clothing & Shoes
    • 3 lightweight dresses
    • 3 pairs of shorts/skirts
    • 5-7 tank tops/short sleeve shirts
    • A cute scarf or light jacket for cooler nights
    • Undergarments
    • Active sandals/sneakers for activities

Be sure to download the complete packing list

Conclusion: What to Wear in Aruba

The pool at the beautiful Boardwalk Boutique Hotel

Aruba is one of our most memorable trips. With this packing list, you will know exactly what to wear in Aruba and be able to enjoy all that it has to offer without issue. Above all, when traveling to the Caribbean, remember to bring lightweight clothing that can easily transform from day to night. 

If you’re traveling to Aruba with kids, be sure to check out these beach essentials for toddlers and babies

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